die strickerei minden – Loop mit diagonalen Maschen

die strickerei minden – Loop mit diagonalen Maschen

Knitting How To Knit?
Knitting is becoming surprisingly common again in today’s world, where everything develops so quickly, as a relaxing but also creative hobby. However, the situation of the new generation of knitting enthusiasts can not be evaluated in the same category as that of a middle age person who knits in his tiny room to keep his blood pressure under control, nor a child who learns to knit at school to improve hand-eye coordination.

If you want to follow the fashion of knitting, you can start a life-long knitting adventure thanks to this step-by-step narrative prepared for beginners. There are many knitting patterns, but it would be best to start with a noose. The aim of this introductory knitting article is to teach the basic principles of looping, row knitting and looping.

1st.Make your own ball of yarn. Most threads come in a form of ordeal, and knitting with this is hardly conducive. So the first step before we start knitting should be to make a ball of yarn.

2nd ed.Bottle Knot Toss
Make a ring with the end of the thread. As shown in the picture, the long side of the thread (the side attached to the ball) should be above the end of the thread.

Put the ring on the thread from the side.

Take the thread out of the ring. Pull gently to the top of the ring. And don’t pull too much so the cut end of the thread doesn’t come out.

Tighten the knot by adjusting the above ring to move comfortably.

Put this new ring in a braid skewer.

Pull the ends of the thread to wrap the knot tightly around the skewer.

3.Throw The Bottle Noose
Looping means adding more initial loops to the skewer. There are many looping methods available, but the reverse looping method shown here is very suitable for beginners as it is easy and will allow you to weave faster.

Hold the knotted skewer in your right hand.

Wrap the working thread, which is attached to the ball, behind his left hand and over his Palm. Keep the tail thread, that is, the idle short end of the thread away for now.

Place the skewer under the thread that runs through the palm.

When you take your hand out of the thread, a ring must form around the braid skewer.

Tighten this ring by pulling the working thread. You’ve already done your first noose!

Repeat this process with your hand and thread until you have done as many loops as you want. Every time you do that, you create a noose. The node in the previous step is considered your first loop, and each ring you add means a new loop. The Rings should look up and be uniform. Don’t let the Rings twist or twist. Otherwise it will be difficult to knit. And it would be better for you to make loose rings with this method because it’s very annoying to knit with tight rings.

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